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The MUG project

Since I got myself into “mug business” – painting and selling mugs, I have found many, many, many ways to use them. I mean, sure we all drink from them. But my stock of mugs got a tiny bit out … Continue reading

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Say NO to white mugs

Yes, I don’t like white mugs. So I decided to make them, well… less white 🙂  Is it not just more pleasant to have morning coffee with a nice mug, that gives you some extra positive energy to get the day started? Well… you … Continue reading

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Reuse & upcycle

Reuse & upcycle old packaging, from bottles, boxes and any other containers you don’t need any more. Using decoupage technique you can decorate almost anything. You’ll need: paper napkins white glue (or Mod Podge) brush something to upcycle 🙂 This are … Continue reading

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Gift cards

Recently I began to make gift cards – some for my family and friends and some just to keep me busy and motivated. Overall making cards (of any kind) don’t seem so expensive, but if you want diversity, you’ll soon … Continue reading

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Recycle those old light bulbs

… and make something beautiful. Or should I say grow something beautiful 🙂 Since it’s not really a flower season I couldn’t just go out and pick pretty flowers to put them in my new little light bulb vase. But … Continue reading

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DIY bird nest necklace

I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewellery around lately. I found it quite interesting so I made my own. These turned out to be easy to make and it requires just a few simple supplies. Select the beads you … Continue reading

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DIY Lady pendant

When does a girl have enough cute stuff around her? … If you ask me, never! So this is a tutorial for one cute pendant 🙂 First, the things you’ll need: organza ribbon, different sized beads, nail polish (yes, nail polish) and … Continue reading

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