Recycle those old light bulbs

… and make something beautiful. Or should I say grow something beautiful 🙂 Since it’s not really a flower season I couldn’t just go out and pick pretty flowers to put them in my new little light bulb vase. But luckily I had some leftovers from my cat grass seeds. So I just planted them in a light bulb and in a few days this happened:


I really would prefer a flower. Since I didn’t want it to be too boring (it still is a bit boring :/ ) I painted the screw cap with nail polish to add some sparkle. I really can’t wait for spring, so I can make something like this:


Those are some pretty cool ideas 🙂

Below are some basic tips on how to hollow out a light bulb. For more detailed (and fun) instructions you can visit this page.

STEP 1: Carefully peel off the contact at the base of the light bulb using needle-nose pliers. Lightly tap the black glass at the base of the light bulb with a hammer (be careful + wear safety goggles). It might take a bit of practice to carefully crack this black glass.
STEP 2: Remove the inner wires of the light bulb.
STEP 3: Fill with water + your flowers!
STEP 4 (optional): If hanging, tie light bulb with twine or ribbon and securely attach to branch or hook.

Oh, I almost forgot… seems to me that terrariums are also very popular lately, but they’re
just not as pretty as flowers 🙂


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31 Responses to Recycle those old light bulbs

  1. Justin Janes says:

    How to make a Light Bulb Vase Video here:

  2. Rita Eagles says:

    Brilliant thanks :))

  3. Mary Ann stevens says:

    Great idea

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  5. Reblogged this on Generation Green at The Forks and commented:
    Such a Brilliant idea!

  6. NancyS. Mills says:

    I use burned out light bulbs for Christmas decorations that I make and I love this idea

    • Nancy s.Mills says:

      Save your burned out light bulbs and make them into snowmen & snow ladies and gingerbread girls an boys . Paint them with enamel craft paint ,put therm in oven to dry put two inch styrofoam balls on silver part an start painting graces an make an use molding clay arms &noses and felt hats an clothes takes a Lille time but they turn out so cute .Nancy s. mills ( thanks

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  8. When I saw these I couldn’t believe how BEAUTIFUL they looked with the pink flowers in them!!! love love love it!!

  9. Bailee Davis says:

    I am amazed on how incredibly easy it was to do this and make people love them. I had a house warming party and eveyone said something positive! So happy for this awesome idea!

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  11. Eva Chambers says:

    In the last photo with the flowers how are those bulbs balanced? I’m having a hard time telling if they’re in clear glass votives or somehow balanced on coins or something.

  12. sweety07 says:

    Hi Linda. I happened to run into your website, LOVE it btw, through a lightbulb vase pic on Pinterest. I recently started making lightbulb terrariums with houseplant cuttings and using either glass beads, plain water, or soil as mediums. It amazes me how easy they are to make and each one are unique in how sometimes they look more elegant then vases. I also LOVE that I’m doing my part in going green by recycling and reusing lightbulbs. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to following your blog. 🙂

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  14. Sue Hanna says:

    Can’t wait to try this! All the bulbs I have now are the whitish glass. Will start buying clear bulbs…

  15. MYT CR8TiV says:

    I wanna try this but it’s difficult to find clean bulbs most are white in color and bulbs themselve are becoming harder to find as is. Most stores carry those swirly incandescent bulbs more than the old fashioned bulbs.

  16. Anum says:


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  20. Noni says:

    I first saw this post on FB and because it was so cute that I looked up other posts on your site (u have such cute ideas) but I was looking to follow u on Pinterest but I did not see it. Did I miss it or do u not post to pinterest?

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