Say NO to white mugs

Yes, I don’t like white mugs. So I decided to make them, well… less white ūüôā ¬†Is¬†it not¬†just more pleasant to have morning coffee with a nice mug, that gives you¬†some extra positive energy to get the¬†day started? Well… you can guess my answer to that. DIY? YES! It is quite simple and these days you can get everything on Amazon or Ebay. So this is what you need:

  • White mug
  • Porcelain paints (I usually use Pebeo or Marabu)
  • Brushes and sponge
  • (Oven)

Before you start make sure your mug is perfectly clean. And then just paint away. Even a two tone colouring looks nice and you add something little extra to make it really stand out. What I really like to do is paint the handle in different colour than the mug itself.

You are not happy with your first creation? Just wash it off with warm water, maybe scrub a bit. Usually even after one hour of drying you can peel the paint of if you change your mind. When you are happy with your design leave it overnight to dry. Pebeo paints require oven bake to fix the paint. Marabu paints are dishwasher safe (up to 40 degrees C) after full 3 days of drying.

I made quite a few mugs for my friends. It is very useful¬†gift for men or women, birthdays or a housewarming gift. I even planted a tulip in one mug, so it will serve as a flower pot for now ūüôā

You can find a gallery of all my mugs on¬†Facebook, or visit my Etsy shop if you wish to make a purchase. Wherever you may click next, I am always happy to read your comments ūüėÄ

Some of my earliest creations:


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The MUG project

Since I got myself into “mug business” – painting and selling mugs, I have found many, many, many ways to use them. I mean, sure we all drink from them. But my stock of mugs got a tiny bit out of hand, and I just had to find a solution. Not just to store them somewhere, but to use them in as many ways¬†as possible. And this is how The MUG project came to life. I’m not saying I was the first one who ever came up with the idea, of up-cycling mugs, but I just do it in my own way, with¬†mugs that are my own and therefore up to the point with their task.

As I said this is business for me now, so feel free to browse through my shop (I ship worldwide!).


flower pot mug

Flower pot mug

Cutest succulents ever!

Cutest succulents ever!


Cute small cotton buds mug

Tea candle mugs

Tea candle mugs


Make up mug


All my make up mug


Candle mug


Funny pen mugs

Flower pot mug

Flower pot mug


Scissors and craft knives mug

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Reuse & upcycle

Reuse & upcycle old packaging, from bottles, boxes and any other containers you don’t need any more.

Using decoupage technique you can decorate almost anything.

You’ll need:

  • paper napkins
  • white glue (or¬†Mod Podge)
  • brush
  • something to upcycle ūüôā


This are just basic supplies that you can use. You can use most anything instead of paper napkins –¬†the pictures out of magazines, catalogues, or books. You can photocopy clip art, ¬†stories, ¬†and other items printed from your computer (do not use ¬†inkjet printer – the ink might run). The options are endless: cut out pictures, motifs, or shapes from wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric, napkins,¬†post cards,¬†travel brochures, pages from¬†old books,¬†posters,¬†dried flowers¬†¬†and more. You can also buy¬†paper and pictures made especially for decoupage.

How to:

Mix white glue with water (I used 1:1 mix), tear napkins (or leave them in one peace) and start¬†creating. Apply glue on the clean, dry surface and start applying napkin pieces. Apply glue over every layer of napkins and when you’re happy with the result finish with another 2 or 3 layers of glue. Leave till it’s completely dry. I applied 4-5 layers and it was dry in approximately 10 hours.


Turn old beer bottles into vases, Pringles box into pen holder, boxes into random stuff boxes (just prettier than before), etc.


This is just scratching the surface of things you can decoupage. For more ideas follow this link.

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Gift cards

Recently I began to make gift cards – some for my family and friends and some just to keep me busy and motivated. Overall making cards (of any kind) don’t seem so expensive, but if you want diversity, you’ll soon find out that you spent loads of money on small things (buttons, embellishments, paper, pearls, flowers…). I avoided this problem by signing up for a¬†papercraft¬†magazine – it costed me about¬†¬£50 for 12 magazines, but the best part is I got so many free gifts (printed papers, embellishments, stamps, pearls,…) with every magazine, that I practically don’t need to shop for any materials, except some essentials from time to time (glue, blank cards,…). ¬†And so far I only received 4 magazines! Anyways… this ”investment” saved me some¬†¬£ and time…‚Äč

cards23 cards16 cards18 cards21 cards22




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Recycle those old light bulbs

… and make something beautiful. Or should I say grow something beautiful ūüôā Since it’s not really a flower season I couldn’t just go out and pick pretty flowers to put them in my new little light bulb vase. But luckily I had some leftovers from my cat grass seeds. So I just planted them in a light bulb and in a few days this happened:


I really would prefer a flower. Since I didn’t want it to be too boring (it still is a bit¬†boring¬†:/ ) I painted the screw cap with nail polish to add some sparkle. I really can’t wait for spring, so I can make something like this:


Those are some pretty¬†cool ideas ūüôā

Below are some basic tips on how to hollow out a light bulb. For more detailed (and fun) instructions you can visit this page.

STEP 1: Carefully peel off the contact at the base of the light bulb using needle-nose pliers. Lightly tap the black glass at the base of the light bulb with a hammer (be careful + wear safety goggles). It might take a bit of practice to carefully crack this black glass.
STEP 2: Remove the inner wires of the light bulb.
STEP 3: Fill with water + your flowers!
STEP 4 (optional): If hanging, tie light bulb with twine or ribbon and securely attach to branch or hook.

Oh, I almost forgot… seems to me that terrariums are also very popular lately, but they’re
just not as pretty as flowers ūüôā


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DIY bird nest necklace

I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewellery around lately. I found it quite interesting so I made my own.

These turned out to be easy to make and it requires just a few simple supplies.


Select the beads you want, string them onto your wire and arrange them as you like.


Then you just wrap the wire around the beads. Also wrap some wire in the space between each bead.



Last step: attach a jump ring and a clasp to the end of a necklace chain and you’re all done!


At the and I had a bit of a¬†light-bulb¬†moment, so I also made a matching brooch ūüôā


Happy creating everyone!

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DIY Lady pendant

When does a girl have enough cute stuff around her? … If you ask me, never! So this is a tutorial for one cute pendant ūüôā


First, the things you’ll need:¬†organza ribbon, different sized¬†beads, nail polish (yes, nail polish) and string for your phone.


First you make cute little lady face on the biggest bead that you are going to use. I used nail polish, but acrylic paint would be more appropriate. Make any kind of face you like. I only made this lady faces, but I think cute kitty face could be awesome!


Now you have to prepare organza ribbon. I always cut it as on the picture, so I have less problems with putting beads on.


Use bigger bead for the head and one a bit smaller for the torso.


Make a knot below the smaller bead, make sure you leave a long ribbon on the top – you’ll need it, if you wish to add small beads. I gave my lady a hat and then I incorporated the telephone string into the knot.


Ta-da! Your work is done, unless you wish to add some small beads to the rest of the ribbon.

You can also make a necklace with this cute lady. But you should use heavier beads (or at least the biggest one), I find the ones from stone most appropriate.


I hope you enjoyed creating this, and as always you are welcome to leave a comment.

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