The MUG project

Since I got myself into “mug business” – painting and selling mugs, I have found many, many, many ways to use them. I mean, sure we all drink from them. But my stock of mugs got a tiny bit out of hand, and I just had to find a solution. Not just to store them somewhere, but to use them in as many ways as possible. And this is how The MUG project came to life. I’m not saying I was the first one who ever came up with the idea, of up-cycling mugs, but I just do it in my own way, with mugs that are my own and therefore up to the point with their task.

As I said this is business for me now, so feel free to browse through my shop (I ship worldwide!).


flower pot mug

Flower pot mug

Cutest succulents ever!

Cutest succulents ever!


Cute small cotton buds mug

Tea candle mugs

Tea candle mugs


Make up mug


All my make up mug


Candle mug


Funny pen mugs

Flower pot mug

Flower pot mug


Scissors and craft knives mug

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