Reuse & upcycle

Reuse & upcycle old packaging, from bottles, boxes and any other containers you don’t need any more.

Using decoupage technique you can decorate almost anything.

You’ll need:

  • paper napkins
  • white glue (or Mod Podge)
  • brush
  • something to upcycle 🙂


This are just basic supplies that you can use. You can use most anything instead of paper napkins – the pictures out of magazines, catalogues, or books. You can photocopy clip art,  stories,  and other items printed from your computer (do not use  inkjet printer – the ink might run). The options are endless: cut out pictures, motifs, or shapes from wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric, napkins, post cards, travel brochures, pages from old books, posters, dried flowers  and more. You can also buy paper and pictures made especially for decoupage.

How to:

Mix white glue with water (I used 1:1 mix), tear napkins (or leave them in one peace) and start creating. Apply glue on the clean, dry surface and start applying napkin pieces. Apply glue over every layer of napkins and when you’re happy with the result finish with another 2 or 3 layers of glue. Leave till it’s completely dry. I applied 4-5 layers and it was dry in approximately 10 hours.


Turn old beer bottles into vases, Pringles box into pen holder, boxes into random stuff boxes (just prettier than before), etc.


This is just scratching the surface of things you can decoupage. For more ideas follow this link.

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