DIY Lady pendant

When does a girl have enough cute stuff around her? … If you ask me, never! So this is a tutorial for one cute pendant 🙂


First, the things you’ll need: organza ribbon, different sized beads, nail polish (yes, nail polish) and string for your phone.


First you make cute little lady face on the biggest bead that you are going to use. I used nail polish, but acrylic paint would be more appropriate. Make any kind of face you like. I only made this lady faces, but I think cute kitty face could be awesome!


Now you have to prepare organza ribbon. I always cut it as on the picture, so I have less problems with putting beads on.


Use bigger bead for the head and one a bit smaller for the torso.


Make a knot below the smaller bead, make sure you leave a long ribbon on the top – you’ll need it, if you wish to add small beads. I gave my lady a hat and then I incorporated the telephone string into the knot.


Ta-da! Your work is done, unless you wish to add some small beads to the rest of the ribbon.

You can also make a necklace with this cute lady. But you should use heavier beads (or at least the biggest one), I find the ones from stone most appropriate.


I hope you enjoyed creating this, and as always you are welcome to leave a comment.

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